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Arizona Real Estate Market Update September 2021

Although inventory is creeping on up, institutional buyers are now starting to make a mess of things. In this video, we will tell you where Phoenix is at and when that light at the end of this

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Arizona Real Estate Market Update August 2021

The market has cooled down from a hot hot hot 500+ degrees to now just over 400 degrees...normal is about 100 degrees. How COOL exactly is that exactly? In this video you will see exactly where

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Arizona Real Estate Market Update June 2021

Are you ready for the 2nd half of 2021? Sellers, you better be on point cuz your dream market days are numbered. Buyers...what the HECK area you waiting for? Click here to watch.

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Arizona Real Estate Market Update April 2021

Vlogging is so much more fun ... this one will make you laugh even. Let's stop with the bs about how this is a temporary market. I lived through this in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley.1971 IBM invents

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